northdick. I am one horny mofo. These pics get the juices flowing for me. Pretty simple.
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I’m a french girl living in London, working in graphic design the day, having long video talks with my boyfriend the night, dreaming to escape the english life (and tubes) for a few hours, flying wearing a supergirl costume and falling into his arms. 

I like to be sexy, but not crude, evoke by using a particular tissue rather than show off. Reveal a precise part of skin : that thin line that indicates the beginning of my cleavage, and shows the way to my clavicles may be my favourite one. I love simple things in life, nothing best than a good bier with a cigarette, enjoying a soccer game on television, yelling like mens do. I’d say that nothing defines you more than your tastes, so my final words could be cats, foxes, Jay-Z and Me In my Place <3



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